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This Weather!

This is a guest post written by Kristen Parry. Kristen is a firm believer in Happiness and Love as the two prominent pillars of life. She is the program manager for The Smile Project and focuses on the ambassador program.

"This weather!" You can say that in two very different ways. "This weather - wow!" "This weather - ugh!"

Today, as I bundled up for the first time this season to take my dog for a walk, I felt the wow.

You see, for me, this colder weather, darker earlier, frosty time of year is one big wow. It ushers in my personal favorite time of year - the Christmas season!

As we walked around in the blustering wind, my excitement grew. For fireplaces, the relief of running inside for warmth, car seat heaters, Christmas lights, seasonal music. I marveled at how my dog loves walking no matter the weather. How winter clothes are so cool - they keep you warm in a freezing climate to make the time endurable.. dare I say enjoyable?

Cold weather indicates that the world is slowing down. Notice I didn't say society or people. I said the world. The beauty is that we can choose to slow down too.

And I think this applies to any time of year. If you take the wow approach, any season can be your favorite season. With that logic, you can enjoy the whole year, right? There's always something to look forward to.

Take a page from Mother Nature's book. For now, that means slow down, turn introspective, and marvel at the less obvious beauty of this time of year. This weather - wow!


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