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The Smile Project
Ambassador Program

The Smile Project Ambassador Program is your opportunity to be part of a collective movement for joy. We believe that simple changes make a big difference and we know that when we are at our best, we have more to give to our loved ones and our communities. By joining the Ambassador Program, you are embracing the challenge to look for the good each day and to encourage others to do the same. Get started today!

Image by Denise Jones

What Does An Ambassador Do?

It’s simple, really: Can you write down 1 thing that makes you happy every single day for a week? For a month? A year? Longer?


Smile Project Ambassadors are joy recorders. When you commit to finding something positive in each day, your mindset shifts to one of gratitude and awareness. Ambassadors are encouraged to share their daily joys on social media (using #SmileProjectAmbassador) to inspire others with positivity.

Why Should I Join?

When you join The Smile Project Ambassador Program, you’ll have access to a private Ambassador Facebook group. It’s alright if you don’t have Facebook; you’ll still receive a monthly email with inspirational articles, thought-provoking questions, and personal development challenges to stretch you outside your comfort zone and expand your horizons.


But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what ambassador Ariana Scott had to say. She started writing down her daily joys on June 16, 2017: 

“Documenting my “Happiness is” each day truly changed my entire outlook and has made me an unwavering positive person. This is something I will do for the rest of my life!”

How Do I Join?

Want to learn more? Download the PDF.

Ready to get started? Fill out this form to sign up.

Meet The Ambassadors

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The Smile Ambassador Program
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