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"She did a fantastic job and was my favorite presentation that I have ever seen. She knew how to relate to the teenage mind and her interaction with the self evaluation of our fears made it hit home that much more."

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"Liz did an amazing job. I have had similar ideas to start similar activities, but have never done so. This presentation inspired me to do so."

"It was one of the most inspiring stories I have ever heard. This makes me want to go out and do something to change the world." 

"It was so relatable, and I really had my eyes opened to the ripple effect, and how my writing can actually mean something to someone other than me. One smile can make a big difference."

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Liz Buechele speaks on topics of resilience (overcoming hardship to find positivity), kindness (the importance every act of love can make), and the ability to start a movement (the idea that a nonprofit organization can stem from the Facebook status of a 17-year-old).

Speaker reel coming soon!

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