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Essence of July: Creativity


My dear friend Laura Lavigne is the founder of the Center for Happiness in Anacortes, Washington. I was extremely blessed to spend six weeks near the end of 2018 living with her in Anacortes and helping out in small ways at the Center. One of the first things Laura taught me was about Essence. You can learn more about Essence here.

While living in Washington, I often found myself and my friends declaring an Essence for the day like “playfulness” or “connection” or “adventure.” The idea of beginning a morning with an intention not of what I wanted to accomplish, but of the things I wanted to feel was new and exciting.

A mutual friend of Laura and I was chatting with us about Essences when he mentioned wanting to focus on an Essence each month of 2019. Enchanted with the idea, I asked Laura to share with me a list of Essences. These are my reflections.

Essence of July: Creativity

When I was picking last month’s Essence, I thought about my summer plans. I’m doing something I’ve never done before, working as the Operations Director for three summer camp sessions across three states. Essences like Adventure and Risk and Exploration jumped out at me.

But then I spent June reflecting on my own Connection – to my loved ones, to strangers, and maybe most importantly to myself. I didn’t feel, toward the end of May and early June, like I was being a good version of myself.

After a month of Connection and reflection, I again sat down with the Essence list to think about July and my impending summer of travel with camp. Adventure was a given. But that wasn’t what jumped out at me.


I’m jumping into a summer routine that I’ve never had before. I was nervous and excited and jittery. I could either let those emotions control me, or I could find creative ways to manage myself.

In July, I hope to find creative ideas and solutions not just for camp, but for my own personal well-being. If I can live each day with eyes for possibility, then I will have lived into my Essence.

Love always,


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Essence of July: Creativity

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