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How I Fared: Visualizing April

April brings a lot of things for me. A lot of birthdays and a lot of firsts. First time running outside in a t-shirt for the year, first time not wearing a winter jacket to work. Most, okay, all of these firsts are weather related. But this year, April felt like spring cleaning for more than just my closet. April was spring cleaning for my mind. It was time to get out of my head and do something about it.

I choose “vision” as my essence for April. In that post, I wrote:

April will be a month of vision. It’s exciting to have a big idea for the future. It was around this time last year that I was full-steam ahead on my “idea” of driving across America spreading kindness.

It’s even more important to act on the idea. My intention is to focus on my vision and hold that attention through the daily tasks of making it a reality.

I can’t wait to create what happens next.

In April, I chose to create. My first quarter of the year was focused a lot on thinking, with Essences like Discernment, Trust, and Expansiveness. Entering April, I was ready to put that into a tangible plan, to create the future I wanted.

It is the end of April, I have achieved one of my January goals – I am currently working fully remote in my field (the nonprofit industry). What seemed like such a perfect, and still long-shot vision in January, came together for one main reason: I trusted.

There’s something really fascinating about picking an Essence of the Month. I spent January searching for answers. I spent February in faith and trust that I would end up where I needed to be. I spent March being open to whatever opportunities came my way. And in April, I visualized what was coming to life in front of me.

I’m ready for May.

Love always,


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