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Your Guide to Celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Week

February 11 – 17, 2024 is Random Acts of Kindness Week.

At The Smile Project, we often talk about intentional acts of kindness because we know that it is a choice to wake up every day and choose to be kind. But we also recognize that to be on the receiving end of unexpected kindness can feel random… and incredibly joyful. 

Our friends at the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation have outlined a few themes for each day this week and we’d like to share them now along with our own personal suggestions on how to celebrate each day.

Sunday: Kindness Starts with You

As a reminder, you can’t pour from an empty cup. Today, we encourage you to find some way(s) to be kind to yourself. Our number one suggestion? Do something that brings you a childlike wonder… something that makes you feel alive. This could be playing tennis in the park with friends or going on a long solo bike ride. It could be crocheting while listening to classical music or cooking while chatting with your roommates. Whatever it is, tap into something you love. Your mind will thank you.

Monday: Spreading Joy in the Community

We’re big on “living local” and championing the people in our neighborhood. To celebrate your community, we suggest going to a small business and supporting them with a purchase. If you can’t get out of the house or if your favorite spot isn’t a brick and mortar store, we suggest leaving a positive review online or liking and sharing their social media accounts.

Tuesday: Kindness in the Workplace

We believe workplaces are kinder when people are empowered to bring their authentic selves into the office. To do this, we suggest making a meaningful connection with someone you work with. Take the time to really listen to their response when you ask how their weekend was. Lead with your own authenticity. 

Wednesday: Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day may seem, at the surface, like it’s all about romantic love, but we believe February 14 is a great day to celebrate every kind of love. Our top tip for today? Call or text the people in your life who bring you joy and tell them how much you love them, appreciate them, and are grateful for them.

Thursday: Kindness in School

Kindness in schools is kind of our thing! Our flagship program, the SPARK clubs, (Strengthening Positivity and Reinforcing Kindness) are youth service groups that can be started at any educational institution and are designed to create kinder school communities. We invite you to learn more at and to share with the students and educators in your life.

Friday: Cultivating Kindness in Relationships

One of my favorite ways to cultivate kindness is through a handwritten letter. Whether your best friend lives down the street or 431 miles away, finding an unexpected card in the mail will always spark joy. Today, we invite you to write a letter (or multiple!) to someone who exemplifies kindness. 

Saturday: Random Acts of Kindness Day

Random Acts of Kindness Week culminates with Random Acts of Kindness Day (this year on February 17). This is the time to go all out! How much kindness can you share? Maybe it’s donating to a favorite charity or leaving quarters at the laundromat. Or perhaps you organize a park clean-up or a supply drive for the local animal shelter. Maybe you bake a cake for a neighbor, “just because” or you sign up for a more long term volunteer opportunity. 

This week, we invite you to find a unique way to spread kindness that celebrates your own interests and passions. 

While the world definitely needs more kindness, it also needs more people in unapologetic pursuit of their joys… because when we are at our best, we are able to help others be their best too.

Wishing you a happy Kindness Week.

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