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You Can’t Do Everything & You Shouldn’t Try

I remember once a few years ago working multiple jobs at an endless pace and feeling totally and completely burnt out by every stretch of the word. Every part of me was overwhelmed and I truly saw no way that things would ever change.

I remember venting to a wiser friend who, after I finished speaking, hit me this gem: “Sounds like you’re not doing a good job then.”

Immediately offended, I wondered why I had said anything in the first place. Of course I was doing a good job. I was working on this and finalizing that and making sure this was taken care of. I was doing everything. I wasn't just doing a good job—I was doing a great job!

Before I could protest too much, they said, "this clearly isn't good for you. And if it's not good for you, how could it be good for anything or anyone else?"

If you're crossing things off your list at the expense of your mental or physical health, how can that be a good thing? How can you expect to be at your best for your friends, family, colleagues, or peers? What about life outside your email, calendar, and planner?

You can't do everything. And frankly, you shouldn't try. But, when you take care of yourself, mentally and physically, you can make the things that you do count.


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