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What Will We Keep?

A lot has changed in the last nine months. I was talking to someone recently about the Super Bowl. Super Bowl 54 where the Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers 31 to 20. The Super Bowl with Shakira and Jennifer Lopez as the halftime show. The Super Bowl that was on February 2 of this year. 259 days ago.

In February, it was hard to imagine what October would look like other than to imagine it might include pumpkins and scary movies and lots of candy. And yet here we are… in a very different world than the one we existed in on Super Bowl Sunday 259 days ago. 

For some folks, life has looked basically the same. For others, the loss has been immeasurable. A job, a home, worse still, a loved one. 

And yet in a time when—on a global scale—so much is not “normal,” people around the world are adapting and building new habits and routines. 

Many of us have swapped our train rides to the office with walks around the neighborhood. Our kitchen tables double as second grade classrooms and the closest we get to visiting our friends and families is a phone screen.

But what has changed us for the better? What changes have we made that are actually good? What do we want to keep?

Maybe you’ve discovered you really love to cook or maybe you started a journaling practice. Maybe you realized you much prefer exercising in the morning instead of after work. Maybe you found yourself calling your family more. Maybe you left a job that you hated.

It’s easy to feel the heaviness of the year. On an international level, 2020 has been marked by immense suffering, uncertainty, and discomfort. And it’s easy to daydream about a time when we are more safely able to travel, to be with our loved ones, or to return to an office or school. 

And when that time comes… what insights from this time will you take with you?


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