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What Lives in the Note Section of Our Phones

Lemon juice. Scotch tape. An uncompleted grocery list.

A drafted apology text. Measurements for a bridesmaid dress. An on the go diary.

Recipe for tofu. Recommendations for books. Receipts from a road trip.

“If the path be beautiful, let us not ask where it leads.” – Anatole France

6.8.20_8:41 AM

Tattoo ideas. Password hints for Spirit Airlines.

For Jeopardy!

For two different library systems.

Notes from the doctor. A list of gift ideas for family members. My WiFi password.

You’ve only inspired me to write sad poems.

6.17.21_11:26 PM

A list of foods my best friend is allergic to.

A list of nonprofits to look up later.

A list of personal embarrassing stories.

A list of favorite foods from 2016.

I am no longer accepting apologies that aren’t accompanied by behavioral changes.

11.5.2021_4:08 PM

Quotes from a podcast.

Quotes from a newsletter.

Quotes from the last book I finished and mailed to a friend.

I will not hold onto anger as my antidote.

11.8.2021_2:02 PM

Nonsense sentences from 3:00 AM, recording a dream in real time.

Links to 2 tweets and a YouTube video.

A journal entry about my experience in jury duty.

The ages of my friend’s four daughters.

If your worst mistake is that you sometimes give people a second chance.

There are worse things that you can be.

12.12.21_3:50 AM

Whole stories.


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