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What is Bringing You Joy Right Now?

Some years ago, I found myself at an evening event that included a dinner reception. I knew one other person in attendance and that person was not at my table. And so I found myself surrounded by a group of strangers as we all shared polite greetings and introductions. When we returned to the table with empty bellies and full plates to address them, one of my co-diners looked at our group and asked, What is bringing you joy right now?

I was momentarily floored. For all my time spent working in Happiness, I’d never really discussed—even with my closest of friends—what was bringing me joy in the moment. I thought about how every single day (for what is now over 9 years) I’ve recorded a “Happiness is,” but this felt different. What was bringing me joy right now?

If my memory serves me, someone at the table joked about the delicious food we were all diving into. It was certainly bringing joy. Then, someone shared a new creative endeavor they were pursuing. And the richest conversation ensued. We weren’t talking about where we worked or the weather. We were sharing passion. And because we were sharing passion, all of our eyes lit up with possibility. We got to the heart of ourselves in the course of one dinner.

For weeks after, I began incorporating that question into my daily life—on phone calls with friends, in lunchtime chat with colleagues, and, eventually in a Monday “story question” on our Instagram account. In today’s blog, I simply want to share your words. Here is what has brought joy to members of our community recently:

What is bringing you joy right now?

  • Revisiting a favorite album

  • Having my first new idea for a creative project that has stalled

  • Homemade banana bread

  • Spending time with friends virtually

  • The skirt I'm wearing for my wedding arrived

What is bringing you joy right now?

  • COVID vaccines

  • Getting asked to be a bridesmaid for the first time for my best friend’s wedding

  • A job interview

  • Friends and flowers

  • Becoming a dog mom

What is bringing you joy right now?

  • Appreciating the little things a lot more

  • Going on long walks and hikes every morning

  • A podcast of German lessons

  • Good hair days

  • Having deep conversations with friends that take us long into the night or early morning

What is bringing you joy right now?

  • A glass mug that is shaped like a bear so it turns into a brown bear when I make tea

  • Being an aunt

  • Knowing I’m not in this alone

  • Creating a game plan for a big hike

  • Caramel frappes

What is bringing you joy right now?

  • Truly starting to see my prayers being answered

  • Finally making time to go to the gym

  • The book I’m reading

  • Having the day off and just chilling

  • Myself


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