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What Does The Smile Project Mean to You? Part 2

In celebration of our 11th birthday on November 9, we asked you what The Smile Project means to you. I was really touched by your comments and notes and wanted to share a few in today’s blog post. However, as I was reviewing the anonymous survey, I remembered another survey we did in 2016. Almost 100 people responded to that survey and with a little digging, I was able to pull upon the responses. Six years later, and still the support of this community is unlike anything else. Thank you for 11 years of love. Enjoy part 2 on what The Smile Project means to you in your words.

  • The Smile Project is making sure you take some time every day to think of something positive and help others.

  • The Smile Project is encouragement at its best and it is truly heartfelt.

  • The Smile Project is designed to recognize the happiness in the simpleness (and sometimes not so simpleness) of life.

  • The Smile Project means "awareness" to me.

  • The Smile Project is something that brings smiles to the faces of any and every person. It is a feel good project that makes humanity just that much more bearable.

  • I see The Smile Project as a movement—a movement to make the world a better and happier place for everyone.

  • The Smile Project is a commitment to always trying to find the happiness in every day.

  • I absolutely LOVE The Smile Project. It's really opened my eyes to everything I have to be grateful for and everything that makes me happy. I am a much happier person, and I have The Smile Project to thank. Now I'm trying to spread that to my friends in hopes that they, too, will be able to open their eyes to a much better perspective on life. So thank you, for making a difference in my life.



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