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What Does The Smile Project Mean to You? Part 1

In celebration of our 11th birthday last week, we asked you what The Smile Project means to you. I was really touched by your comments and notes and wanted to share a few in today’s blog post. However, as I was reviewing the anonymous survey, I remembered another survey we did in 2016. Almost 100 people responded to that survey and with a little digging, I was able to pull upon the responses. Six years later, and still the support of this community is unlike anything else. Thank you for 11 years of love. Enjoy part 1 on what The Smile Project means to you in your words.

  • The Smile Project means that there is something valuable in each day.

  • I think it is different for each person—for me The Smile Project is the blog posts. To know that the woman behind this project is human, and she struggles too and can still smile at the end of the day, gives me so much hope for myself.

  • The Smile Project gives me hope that the world is not all bad.

  • The Smile Project is a reminder that, even during bad days, there is something to be grateful for.

  • The Smile Project has been a huge inspiration for me in my own work trying to spread kindness.

  • The Smile Project means extra happiness and a reminder to be happy. It never fails to put a smile on my face.

  • The Smile Project is an organization and movement that aims to show that there can be light in even the darkest moments. It's not to say you must always be happy, but rather makes the claim that even when you feel at your lowest, happiness can be found in the most miniscule things.

  • The Smile Project reminds us that everyone deserves to be happy.



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