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The Truth Behind Angry Breakup Songs

Oh nice. I say in response to someone telling me about a new song. One of my favorite genres is loud breakup songs.

My partner who I am in a very happy, loving relationship with barely bats an eye from his conversation across the room.

I love loud, angry breakup songs. Even when I’m happy. He knows this and is therefore not concerned when I begin jumping around the room to a song about how someone has done me wrong. [Sincere author’s note: I actually stopped listening to an angry breakup song playlist to write this.]

I think I like this kind of music because I think for a while I needed my anger. It was a survival mechanism. Without it, I wouldn’t have made it this far.

But the thing is. That’s not now.

And now, I don’t need my decisions to be based in proving anything or thriving despite.

And moreso, I don't want my decisions to be led by anger. I want them to be led by joy.

Because I don't want my life to be based in anger.

I want my life to be filled with joy.


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