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The Smile Project in Partnership with Sweet Vegan NYC

I am so thrilled to announce that The Smile Project is partnering with Sweet Vegan NYC for a fundraiser as part of the 12 Days of Giving. From December 1 – 12, enter code SMILE when purchasing any 4-, 8-, or 15-piece of chocolates and 5% will be donated to The Smile Project.

Sweet Vegan NYC was founded by Chef Andrea Young. She traces her roots back to Indiana, where she learned the art of baking from her grandmother. She’s committed to inclusivity, personal connections, and sustainable and healthy lifestyles. 

The signature gift boxes are filled with handcrafted vegan truffles all of which showcase natural ingredients and are free from dairy, nuts, gluten, soy, and preservatives. I’ve been fortunate enough to try many of Chef Andrea’s treats and I can confirm that they are top notch. 

Chef Andrea explains, “Sweet Vegan is more than just a business—it’s a manifestation of love, memories, and a dream to create food so that all people, even people with allergies, can experience life abundantly.” 

Learn more about the amazing flavors available at Sweet Vegan. (Descriptions from Sweet Vegan)

  • Energizing Espresso: A daring fusion of bold, freshly brewed espresso seamlessly swirled into our velvety, rich dark chocolate. It's a wake-up call to your senses, a burst of invigoration wrapped in decadence.

  • Luscious Lemon: A bright and zesty surprise, where the tantalizing tanginess of fresh lemons intertwines with the sweet, creamy allure of our signature chocolate blend. It's sunshine in a bite, a reminder of joy and simplicity.

  • Midnight Passion: Plunge into the deep, dark, and mysterious allure of this truffle. Our indulgent dark chocolate swirled with a hint of exotic fruits. A bite of this is a twilight rendezvous in a secret garden, an amorous adventure of taste.

  • Spicy Ginger: Let your taste buds tango with this unexpectedly vibrant union of spicy, warm ginger and our luxuriously silky chocolate. It's a playful palate-pleaser, a fiery dance of flavors that leaves you craving more.

My personal favorite is the Midnight Passion. But each of these flavors is included in the 4-, 8-, and 15-piece box sets that will support The Smile Project now through December 12 when you order using code SMILE. Check it out and place your order today!


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