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Share Gratitude 4 Teachers Campaign

For almost two and a half years now, I have been working full time for an education nonprofit. My time in this space has brought me closer than ever before to the teaching community and for that I am so grateful. This week (May 2 – 6) is Teacher Appreciation Week. And while we should obviously be celebrating our amazing educators year-round, this week gives extra special attention to our teachers.

As a young person who was obsessed with school and learning, and as a slightly older person whose favorite television show is Jeopardy!, I cannot understate the importance the pursuit of learning is to me. And the reason behind so much of that is the teachers who mentored me, guided me, encouraged me, and believed in me.

I was very fortunate to be surrounded by kind, patient, and dedicated educators and not a day goes by when I am not fully aware of the impact they have made on every corner of my life. That is why I am so pleased to share that The Smile Project has partnered with our long-time friends at The Leaders Readers Network for the #ShareGratitude4Teachers campaign.

The Leaders Readers Network and The Smile Project are on the mission to get the world to #ShareGratitude4Teachers. The pandemic has showed us many things, but one thing we know, teachers have been there for students and families through it all. Join us, let’s show teachers that we care!

As we begin the month of May and enter Teacher Appreciation Week, we created the Share Gratitude 4 Teachers Campaign to help teachers see and hear from students, colleagues, and families across the world that we are all thankful for teachers.

Use the #ShareGratitude4Teachers to help share gratitude and let our nation's teachers know they are greatly and deeply appreciated for all that they do. You can sign-up to participate here and submit your stories and videos as well.

Teachers: on behalf of everyone at The Leaders Readers Network and The Smile Project, thank you.


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