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There are relationships I regret staying in. And relationships I regret leaving.

There are workouts I regret stopping. And workouts I regret finishing.

There are books that weren’t worth the time spent reading. And others I’d pay to be able to experience again for the first time.

There are jobs I wish I had never started. And jobs I wish I still had.

If you’re going to use personal history and personal experience to make a decision about your current situation, make sure you’re following the right narrative.

Better yet, make this decision based on these facts. This moment. What you know to be true about the right now. Let what happened in the past stay there. And, if you feel yourself starting to stack yourself on a certain response, remember the two sides to each theme.

Dates you’d have been better off skipping. And dates whose beauty you never took the chance to know.

Love always,



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