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People Being Rad: While Running

People Being Rad is a new blog feature from The Smile Project featuring specific stories of people sharing kindness in everyday moments.

I always run with my little runners fanny pack, complete with my ID, keys, and phone. One particular day, while running across the bridge in Riverside Park (NYC), I unzipped my bag to do who knows what with my phone and I knocked my ID out instead. Between the music in my ears and the miles beneath my feet, it took me a second to realize it was gone. As I slowly tried to process, another runner doubled back and handed me my ID from where they’d picked it up, teetering on the edge of a watery demise. Rad.

I’ve attended many road races by myself but one in particular stands out. I was stretching after the race when another solo young woman came over and asked if I’d take her picture with her bib and the city skyline. After I did, she offered the same for me. We got to chatting and eventually ran our cooldown together. Rad.

In high school, I used to run through a big neighborhood with a decently busy main street. Once, I passed a group of children hosting a lemonade stand. I had no money on me and told them that apologetically. As I ran off, I heard them yell “free for runners!” Later, after my run, and armed with cash, I stopped at their stand to buy lemonade which they were adamant about giving me for free. Rad.

I cannot count the number of times I’ve tripped over my own two feet while running—not a particularly flattering statistic. But I also cannot count the number of times other runners, bikers, and walkers have stopped to make sure I was okay before carrying on. Sometimes just that double check is all you need to feel okay. Rad.

What rad running stories do you have? Let us know and they could be featured in part 2 of People Being Rad: While Running. Have other rad stories to share? Let us know and we’ll include them in future posts.

Love always,



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