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On Hanging in There

My 89-year-old grandmother lives in an assisted living community. Since March, they have been under varying levels of lockdown. Restrictions have included things like eating meals in their small apartments instead of in the dining room, wearing masks when an aide or nurse comes into their room, and, at times, not leaving to go for even a walk down the hall.

Despite not being able to visit her in her apartment (the building has been locked down to visitors since early this year), myself and the rest of our family have had the opportunity to video call, sit (with masks) 6 feet across from her on the porch, and visit through the window.

Every single day I find myself so completely grateful for the staff at that facility. The work they have done to keep residents safe is absolutely phenomenal and I know that my entire family, and the families of her neighbors and friends owe a great debt to those who are taking care of our loved ones.

Recently, in a stretch of lockdown in which my grandma was not allowed to leave her 365 square foot apartment for even a walk, I found myself struck by something she said in our phone conversation:

But really, we’re very fortunate here. We don't have to worry about our food… about doing our laundry… about anything. We just have to hang in there.

We just have to hang in there.

To everyone fighting with the mental gymnastics of what it means to “hang in” through a time blanketed with uncertainty and fear, keep the faith. One day at a time. Hang in there.

Love always,



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