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Mid Morning Reset

Regular readers of The Smile Project blog will know that I am a joyous early riser. I love my mornings and excel at seeing just how much I can get done before I sit down at my desk for the formal work day. I often feel the most creative in the morning and I find I do some of my best work in the quiet hours of dawn.

But the other day, I had a very off morning. I slept in later than usual. I didn’t prioritize movement in a beneficial way. I don’t know if I ate or drank anything nourishing for my body or my brain. I remember feeling out of sorts. The morning was a wash. I remember feeling like the whole day would be as well.

And then I looked at the clock. It was 11:00 AM.

How was I so willing to write off an entire day that hadn’t even hit its midpoint?

I needed a reset. 

Just because your morning wasn’t productive, doesn’t mean your afternoon can’t be, I jotted onto my whiteboard.

And then I was off. 

I put on a dance-y song that was popular when I was in middle school. I drank a big glass of water. I took several long, slow, deep breaths. And then you know what happened? 

I had a nice afternoon.

None of this is groundbreaking. But it is a reminder that I need more often than I care to admit. Days that start hard don’t have to end hard. And we often have the power to pivot through a few mindful moments. 

Be kind to yourself. Steady your heart. Begin again.


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