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Meet the Ambassadors: Ashley Covelli

The Smile Project Ambassador Program is your opportunity to be part of a collective movement for joy. We believe that simple changes make a big difference and we know that when we are at our best, we have more to give to our loved ones and our communities. By joining the Ambassador Program, you are embracing the challenge to look for the good each day and to encourage others to do the same. Learn more or sign up today at

We are so proud of the folks that make up the ambassador program. Today, we are thrilled to feature Ashley Covelli, a college student in Pennsylvania who started recording “Happiness is” on October 8, 2020. This is her story.

Liz: Let's start in traditional Smile Project fashion. What is bringing you joy right now?

Ashley: Something that is bringing me joy right now is the way I go about my thoughts and my actions. I have been focusing on making decisions that I know will benefit me because I know that my happiness comes first!

Liz: Tell us a little about yourself.

Ashley: I am 22-years-old and about to go into my 5th year at Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania! I am studying Integrated Marketing Communication and I absolutely love it! When I am not studying, I enjoy working out, cooking, watching YouTube, shopping, and drinking iced coffee. Besides my personal one, I currently run 2 other Instagram accounts about two things I am passionate about: happiness and fitness. Check them out @happyxinfinity and if you are interested!

Liz: How did you get involved with The Smile Project?

Ashley: I first got involved with The Smile Project when I became the public relations chair of the SPARK Club at Slippery Rock University. I am no longer involved with SPARK, but Liz reached out to see if I was interested in being an ambassador for The Smile Project and I was so excited to start!

Liz: And what made you excited about starting that daily Happiness journey?

Ashley: Trying to find something positive on my bad days is something I struggle with. At the end of the day, I reflect and think about everything that I did. And honestly, there is ALWAYS something good that happens every single day, even if it's something as simple as getting out of bed or taking a shower.

Liz: How has recording daily joy impacted your life?

Ashley: Recording daily joy has truly changed my life for the better. It is something I look forward to every single day and I now have a more positive outlook on life.

Liz: Do you have a favorite quote or piece of advice that keeps you grounded or inspired?

Ashley: My favorite quote for YEARS has been, "She believed she could so she did." This quote has been my drive to never give up. If you truly believe you can do something, you absolutely can do it!

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