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Meet the Ambassadors: Allison Hritz

The Smile Project Ambassador Program is your opportunity to be part of a collective movement for joy. We believe that simple changes make a big difference and we know that when we are at our best, we have more to give to our loved ones and our communities. By joining the Ambassador Program, you are embracing the challenge to look for the good each day and to encourage others to do the same. Learn more or sign up today at

We are so proud of the folks that make up the ambassador program. Today, we are thrilled to feature Allison Hritz, who started recording “Happiness is” on October 25th, 2020. This is her story.

Liz: Let's start in traditional Smile Project fashion. Give us a favorite "Happiness is.”

Allison: Happiness is... seeing new joy in the world through the eyes of children!

Liz: Tell us a little about yourself.

Allison: I grew up in Western, Pennsylvania and attended college at Point Park University in Pittsburgh, PA. In college, I was a Secondary Social Studies Education major but was involved in a variety of clubs ranging from art to advocacy. I have always been a creative person in the arts, have liked volunteering and serving others, and I love to find new ways to brighten up the lives of others. I combined the idea of The Smile Project with letter writing and used the concept to promote a positive culture on my campus and in the Pittsburgh community.

Liz: How did you get involved with The Smile Project/What made you start writing daily Happiness is?

Allison: I got involved with The Smile Project in high school when I attended RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award camp). Liz (founder of The Smile Project) was one of my counselors and since then, we have coordinated projects, supported each other, and honestly we have been pretty good friends. She encouraged me to get involved as an ambassador, which is when I seriously committed to “Happiness is!”

Liz: How has recording daily joy impacted your life?

Allison: Recording daily joy has forced me to look for happiness and gratitude even on the hardest days. It has made me more intentional and joyful as a person!

Liz: What didn't we ask you that you'd like to share with us?

Allison: I would encourage people that frequent this blog to allow the work of the Smile Project to encourage them to serve in other ways. There are always ways to make your community better, no matter how small!


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