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Little Surprises I Want to Keep

Whilst seeking out writing inspiration, I found a note in my phone with latitude and longitude numbers. I couldn’t remember adding that note, even though it was less than a year old, and it took me entirely too long to figure out how to reverse search for the location of the coordinates.

When I finally did, it was the very address of my apartment—basically the bedroom from which I am typing this right now. Oh the way that delighted me. Who does that?

For a moment, I thought about adding a note at the bottom of the coordinates like, “this is home, if for whatever reason you find the need to direct someone to your apartment by longitude and latitude!!!” But I stopped myself. I quite like the idea of stumbling upon this note in another seven months and doing the same confused search and having the same giggly reaction.

I’ve written before about how each year on New Year’s Eve, I write a letter to myself and seal it in an envelope for the following December 31. It’s a really heartwarming tradition I’ve built for myself but it somehow got even more delightful when I opened it last New Year’s Eve and found a $20 in the envelope.

While my instructions were explicit—”go buy some fancy vegan snacks to eat while the ball drops”—I quite liked the idea of inevitably forgetting about it like I did last year (and like my memory of it is already foggy now) and laughing to myself on December 31 of this year when I find something unexpected and joyful in the envelope.

I think there’s a lot of ways to add delight to your days. Whether it's making mornings simpler by setting out your running clothes the night before or making them sweeter by leaving a note of inspiration under the alarm clock (which I have been known to do on occasion). It’s quite nice to be the person bringing yourself joy.

This week, we invite you to write your own love letter. Leave yourself a note that you’ll find in the future that will make current you think past you is really rad.

Build whimsy and awe and silly, little wonder in each day.

And don’t underestimate how the simplest thing can turn into the biggest pick-me-up you didn’t know you needed.


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