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Blue Robe Belts and Taking a Moment to be Sure

I have a blue robe—monogrammed with my initials and gifted from a recent experience as a bridesmaid—that I have become enamored with lounging in after a hot shower on days where I don’t need to rush into “real clothing.” The robe ties around the waist and with absolutely no pattern or rationale, occasionally I will double tie it.

Reader, I have paused writing, put the robe on over my sweatshirt, and practiced tying and untying for several minutes now, hoping that would provide some clarity on how I tie it. I have determined that there is no way to do that and thus I’m hoping you’ll use your imagination for my imperfect metaphor.

About a week ago, I was in a hurry to doff the robe in exchange for a blouse and the world of the remote worker. In my haste, I yanked one end of the robe’s belt. It immediately suctioned up to my skin, tighter than it had been a moment before.

Ah, so it seems there’s a way to knot it where pulling on end will untie it. And there is a way to knot it where pulling one end makes it tighter. I was immediately reminded of the whole if you find yourself in a hole stop digging quote. And that is helpful… if you know you’re in a hole. But perhaps before we yank a robe belt, we’d be better off checking how we’ve knotted the thing.

Which is to say, that perhaps before we jump to conclusions, we should make sure we have all the proper information.


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