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A Tiny Step Today

I spend a lot of time in Google docs writing and editing. I was recently straining my eyes a bit to review a document for work. I had the zoom at 100%. So, I moved it to 125% and the page got closer/bigger. The amount of text I saw on my screen lessened. And I wondered if it’s not sometimes easier to see just a little.

I wondered if—looking at a to-do list that felt insurmountable—it might not be helpful to zoom in a little. To think about what’s urgent and what’s immediate. To consider what it would be like to pick off tasks one at a time. To not strain my eyes or my brain trying to take in all the information at once.

I wondered if maybe starting with one tiny step is all it takes to complete the big task. I wondered, then, what tiny step I’d take today.

Love always,



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