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A Collection of the Whole

I was talking to a friend recently who was telling me about a potential love interest that they were spending time with. My friend was very excited about the prospect but had some major concerns.

It went something like this: They’re meeting me at a weird time. I’m not in the best place right now and I’m afraid they’re only seeing me in my worst moments. That’s not who I am.

My “friend reflexes” started to jump in to defend them… to say something reassuring about the kind of person I knew they were and to say that this potential love interest clearly sees that too, but before I could, my friend continued.

But what if this is who I am? What if I’m only as good as my worst moments and the goal isn’t to erase those or hide those from everyone, but to use that knowledge to make my own “worse” a little better.

Ooooof do some words just hit. What if the goal isn’t to erase the bad, but rather to love it… to hold it…. to grow from it… to learn how to take the “bad” and make it better?

What if we practiced radical self-acceptance, acknowledging that we are a product of all our moments and all our experiences?

What if we stepped into love in that way? With all our cards on the table. With our hearts open wide.

Love always,



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