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I have been recording daily Happiness is posts since I was 17-years-old. Next month, I turn 30. That’s a lot of joy. That’s a lot of life.

Sometimes, the posts come easy. On big milestone days like high school graduation or first day at a new job, I had a pretty good idea of what I’d write that evening. Or, when I’ve been traveling to an exciting destination, it’s been easy to be in awe of everything.

All that said, there are also times when I’ve struggled with this routine task. Some days, I’ve been certain there is no Happiness.

But recently, I’ve noticed something else—the Happiness have been coming so easily. 

Or rather, the joy has been abundant. 

After thinking about this for a moment, I realized that I did have a major life change—a move into a new apartment with my partner. My living environment changed and that, in and of itself being new, is fodder for ample Happiness.

But I think it’s more than just that. I think over the last few years, I’ve been intentionally rebuilding the life I want. I’ve let go of unhealthy relationships. I’ve left toxic environments. I’ve put my time and energy into people, places, and things that make me feel safe and valued and respected. 

And in doing that, I’ve set myself up for joy. 

And in doing that, the Happiness feels constant.

And after over 4,500 days, I truly believe I’ve only scratched the surface of how much there is to be grateful for. 

And I’m grateful for the opportunity to record even a snippet. 


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