The Day I Counted My Blessings

September 18, 2019

Today I decided to “Count My Blessings”

As the saying goes

It started off this morning

It started in my toes


One was the condition

Upon which I rest my head

The comfort of fresh linens

The safety of my bed


I thought about the warmth

That flannel sheets provide

I thought about how the guarantee

Of the bed on which I lied


Before I even pulled back the sheets

Before I even rose

I thought about my pajamas

I thought about my clothes


But before I could change my outfit

Before I could get that far

I counted another blessing

I thanked another star


For I could move my body

I could shake your hand

I wiggled myself all about

And I knew that I could stand


So stand I did, next to my bed

And felt a lucky feeling

For count once more, I had to

Cause I had woken beneath a ceiling


Wiping sleep from groggy eyes

And braiding messy hair

I took stock of my day

What could happen here or there


I would take a shower

Drink some water; eat some food

I’d think, “how fortunate to start the day

In such a cheerful mood”


I have clean air to breathe

Food and water available stat

My body gets me place to place

My health to thank for that


I find comfort in my house

A safe place to rest at night

To wake up with blessings around me

Is such a humbling sight


I tried to count my blessings today

But was pretty quickly beat

For it turns out they are everywhere

My list forever incomplete


By all means, count your blessings

Let your gratitude be known

And when you count your blessings

Please know you aren’t alone


Count Person A and Person B

And Persons C and D

And if you think you don’t have them

Then you can look to me


Because you’re still here and that’s enough

To call it a blessed day

Because you woke up this morning

And you decided to stay


So celebrate all that you are

And trust your beating heart

All it takes to count your blessings

Is knowing where to start.




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