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There Are No Bad Choices

Last month, I was talking with my Grandma about a decision she was making (that was in many ways a win-win situation) when I told her that at the end of the day there was no bad choice.

We continued the conversation, but I kept floating back to the idea of no bad choices. Maybe I was on to something there.

If I make a mistake – I hope I learn from it. If it’s a decision that puts me in a bad situation, I hope I find the courage to chose differently the next time around. If it’s a decision that makes me ridiculously happy, well, that sounds pretty good to me. Maybe it’s more about how we frame the aftermaths of the decision.

Shortly after we had that conversation, I found myself making a few big choices in my own life, crippled with decision fatigue and struggling to feel confident in any one option.

It is in those moments that I endlessly remind myself:

  • No decision is bad.

  • No decision is final.

  • You will still find joy.

Love always,


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