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Overflowing Tea Thermoses

The other day, after filling my thermos to the brim with lavender lemon tea, I was reminded of something from my brother.

Once, as a child, I had filled a glass to the top and was dramatically crawling back to the kitchen table on tipped toes. I was moving slow and steady and watching the drink dangle on the edge of spilt.

My brother told me if you didn’t look at the full cup, the liquid would naturally steady itself and not spill. He dared me to test it and with a deep breath, I walked confidently toward the table at a normal pace. The water did not spill.

My entire life, I’ve grown up knowing I could walk quickly with a full drink. So far, it’s never failed me. Then I made my tea and for whatever reason, I glanced down at the sloshing liquid and hesitated for a moment. That’s when it hit me.

In staring at a tumultuous glass of water, you internalize insecurity. You try to control something and so your steps become hesitant.

But when you look up? Whether the water steadies itself or not is beside the point. It doesn’t spill, and you get to where you’re going faster. Trust the process.

In hindsight, it was never about the water. It was always about how much happier we can be if we stop trying to tiptoe from place to place, desperate to keep everything in a controlled perfect order.

Have a little faith. Trust the system. And if you do end up with lavender lemon tea on your arms, maybe stop filling the thermos up to the very top.

Love always,


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