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I’m Having a Really Amazing Life

We were a few days out from the end of the trip. Sitting in Ohio, just a day or so of driving away from my childhood home in Pennsylvania, I received a text from a college friend asking about the trip.

Of course, I immediately went to the natural response of “it’s awesome,” but for the first time, I realized that was never going to feel like enough. I typed, “I’m having a really amazing time.” Then I backspaced.

I’m having a really amazing life.

Something finally hit that it wasn’t just a fun jaunt around the country. It was a wildly beautiful life that was created from this arguably crazy idea of driving across the country in the name of Kindness.

The trick is keeping that alive once the rental car is returned and “normalcy” creeps in. How do you create a world that isn’t just amazing in the big things – but a life that is amazing always? I guess now is the time to find out.

Love always,


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