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Service Spotlight: To Love Ourselves

I was walking home with my friend recently when she told me about a project that I would be interested in. The more she described it, the more inspired I became. I immediately knew I had to talk to the lady behind the work.

Whitney Saxon is a fellow Pollination Project grantee recipient and a powerhouse of a person. I am so inspired by her mission to infuse the world with more kindness and love.

Without further ado, allow me to introduce, Whitney Saxon of To Love Ourselves.

Liz: Let's start in traditional Smile Project fashion - give me a "Happiness is.."

Whitney: Happiness is being comfortable in your skin, loving who you are, and being surrounded by those you love.

Liz: Tell me a little bit about the organization?

Whitney: In October 2016, I had an idea to gather women in my network to write letters of support to girls who were going through a hard time. I kept noticing the way women were silently struggling through life - too afraid to speak up or ask for help. I wanted to help women give voice to their trials, as well as give back to one another. I posted the idea on my blog and within a week, 200 women had signed up to volunteer as Letter Writers. In the last 18 months, The Letter Project has become a nonprofit movement with almost 2,000 volunteers across five continents. We’ve sent more than 7,500 letters! Each recipient receives 15 letters of support, bundled together with ribbons and stickers. The goal of the movement is to spread this message to women: you are good enough. You matter. We believe in you. And we are rooting for you.

Liz: What is the driving force behind what you do?

Whitney: I want, so badly, for every girl, everywhere to know that she is loved by God, she was designed by Him and is already good enough, no matter her past or present mistakes. I also want women to believe they are not alone in this world.

Liz: What does "service" mean to you?

Whitney: Service is giving without expecting anything in return – perhaps not even a thanks! It’s giving generously from your heart simply because you want to help someone else.

Liz: How can people get involved?

Whitney: Oh so many ways! You can sign up to be a Letter Writer. You can donate. You can host a Write Night.

Liz: What's your favorite quote?

Whitney: “Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you.” - Walt Whitman

Pouring over Whitney’s beautiful website and learning more about her drive to make the world better is nothing short of inspiring. I encourage everyone to take a few minutes to learn more about the incredible work she is doing.

Bonus Question:

Liz: Do you have a last piece of advice?

Whitney: My last piece of advice: Be kind to one another. If we all made an effort to be kind first, every day, the world would be a brighter, better place.

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