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Have You Tried Crying

Short piece for the blog this week because it’s a really simple idea.

I was thinking, recently, about a time when I was at my wits end. I was exhausted and sick and overwhelmed and upset. I tried to go for a walk. I listened to my favorite song. I drank Peppermint tea like it was nobody’s business. But I was still exhausted and sick and overwhelmed and upset.

But had I tried crying?

Had I let go of the moment? Had I stopped trying to be strong and in control? Had I, instead of trying to justify how I felt, just felt? Had I listened to emotion and embraced the heart ache?

What would that look like?

In times of frustration, I am giving myself permission to try a new strategy. Strength is found in calm reflection. Before you try to keep pushing through, I’m asking you to slow down for a second, to take a break, to let yourself feel.

Give yourself a moment. Let yourself hurt. Help yourself heal. Begin again.

Love always,


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