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Foot in Mouth

I was at one of those subway stops the other day where people seem to bottleneck at the exit stairs.

I was taking my time, no point in the rush and shove, when I noticed a young man - a little older than myself - hurry past those of us who seemed to be waiting in the unspoken rule of an orderly line.

In my head I immediately rolled my eyes and definitely made some silent remark about his impatience.

Then I saw what he had rushed for. Ahead of me, was an older woman with a shopping cart. An older man had one end of the cart and the woman was holding the front end. The young man gently placed his hand on her shoulder and took the cart - he was going to carry it down for her.

He had seen what I hadn’t. It was instant foot in mouth.

He helped the woman down the stairs, held the door for her and for the rest of us.

How quick was I to assume the worst about a stranger? How quickly I hated my inner thoughts?

Something to work on this week - to cease snapshot judgments. To admit when I’m wrong. To see love first, in every person I encounter.

Love always,


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