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Thank Your Role Model

When I was looking up fun “themes” for November in an attempt to schedule out my Smile Project writing for the month, I noted that, in addition to November being National Gratitude Month (duh), November is also National Inspirational Role Models Month. A little further digging told me that National Inspirational Role Models Month was first named in 2005 by Chief Communications Specialist and writer, Darlene House. You can read more about it here

I’ve been thinking about this whole idea of role models and gratitude a lot lately. I was thinking of a friend who had passed away and I was thinking of all the ways we remember them. I was wondering if they knew how much we loved them when they were here.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. If there were ever at time to begin a practice of gratitude, it seems like it is now. Take a few moments to think of who your role models are. Do they know how much you look up to them?

You might be hesitant to write that letter, that email, that text telling them how much you appreciate them and all they’ve done for you. But think about it on the reverse side. Wouldn’t you love to receive a note, completely out of the blue, that simply thanks you for being exactly who you are?

We live in a very unpredictable world where things can change in an instant and one phone call can flip your entire life. Why would you risk letting things go unsaid?

I’m challenging you – today and all the days that follow – to tell somebody you love them, to tell somebody thank you, to tell somebody that they matter to you.

We could use a little more love and thankfulness year round. Why not start today?

Love always,


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