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The Importance of Smiling

Last week, a woman reached out to me on behalf of Junomedical, an independent company that aims to transform how patients access and experience healthcare globally through the use of smart technology. Its main purpose is to simplify research for top clinics and hospitals all over the world, with a wide selection of treatments, and serve its customers throughout the whole journey.

She explained to me a new infograph they had just launched and invited me to take a look and share with my community of smile-focused individuals.

See the infograph below or click here to follow a link to the original post.

And that made me the happiest.

I wasn’t always the happiest person before I started The Smile Project. But I could pretend to be and my innate need to pretend made it so. In the process of creating this movement, I’ve felt my own brain rewire from one of bland negativity, to one that is constantly striving to be better and find happiness everywhere.

Even if it seems silly...even if it seems taxing…smile today.

Your health will thank you.

Love always,


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