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Pillar 5: Give Back

Day 1830:

Happiness is.. taking the time to really understand what a nonprofit organization does and stands for. Today is Veteran’s Day and all weekend long all Smile Project shirt purchase proceeds will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project – an organization that, as most of us know, helps support our wounded veterans. However, in preparation for featuring this organization during #JoyWeek2016, I spent some time exploring their website. Please check out all the incredible programs that this organization runs for our veterans and consider making a donation today. Thank you Veterans…for everything you have sacrificed for us.

The fifth pillar of The Smile Project is ‘’Give Back” and it puts action behind every other pillar. When you are out there Creating Adventure, find a way to Give Back. When you are Being Kind, you are showing what it means to Give Back. When you Share Joy, you are Giving Back in a sense of providing Happiness to someone who might be struggling to see it. And of course, when you Tell Stories, you are sharing with the world your truest self, and Giving Back to yourself in the sense of reclaiming your story.

Giving Back is at the core of everything The Smile Project does. Whether that comes in a donation of time, money, or resources, giving back is the foundation upon which we can build our happiest lives.

The last day of #JoyWeek2016 happened to follow on Veteran’s Day, making it only fitting that I find some way to feature them and thank them for all they have done. The call to action today is to thank a Veteran. Call your friend. Write a letter to your cousin. Shake hands with the man you share the elevator with who has his Veterans ball cap on. Show your gratitude. Thank our brave servicemen and women.

Re: The Smile Project – proceeds from all t-shirt sales this weekend will go to the Wounded Warrior Project. Please check out the link above to learn more about Wounded Warrior Project and reach out to The Smile Project if you're interested in purchasing a shirt here.

Love always,


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