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World Smile Day 2016

Today, on my lunch break, I got a text from my friend Allison about it being World Smile Day.


I knew it was coming up but it’s been such a hectic week and I totally forgot to capitalize on it. And I say I run an organization based around Happiness...

Her message was something along the lines of “but I see lots of people have already reached out to you.”

I got home, and indeed saw that many people had texted / messaged / posted on my wall for World Smile Day. And that got me thinking about my love-hate relationship with joy. Because being unapologetically joyous isn't always cool.

One time, I was broken up with for being "too happy." One time, I was told I was too naive to understand the world. One time, I was told I couldn't be sad with something like The Smile Project riding on my back. One time, I was told that this ongoing pursuit of Happiness was silly.. or annoying.. or meaningless.

That I just must live in my own bubble of joy. That I'm this simple-minded, happy-go-lucky kid who knows nothing of the world.

And while normally, I'd waste my energy negating all of the above, I came to a secondary realization at an interview last week.

I was asked "what’s something someone might mistake about you." And I thought about all the things I'd listed above. And I realized something.

If “happy” is the worst thing you can say about me, maybe I’m doing okay.

Happy #WorldSmileDay everyone. Thanks for letting me be happy and loud and angry and sad and frantic and frazzled and silly and alive.

Love always, Liz

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