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Nobody Really Knows What They’re Doing

Nobody really knows what they’re doing…. And that’s the greatest realization in the world.

I’ve been talking for a while now – think a measurement in terms of years – about wanting to really transition The Smile Project into a business…to turn what started as Facebook posts on my personal page into an inspiration hub that people across the country and world have access to.

I have incredible dreams in my head but sometimes I also have a clouded mind full of doubt.

One of my favorite phrases as of late has been "if they only knew, .” I would mutter under my breath and shake my head as I thought of all the successful “wins” The Smile Project was having. Things were going well. And that scared me. I almost felt like I didn’t deserve the successes.

I was on the phone with an incredible young entrepreneur on Monday. At age 25, this man is doing amazing things. I will share his story more later, but for now, I want to explain how that conversation shifted my mindset:

To set the scene – I am currently sleeping on an air mattresses in the living room as an unofficial fifth roommate in a four bedroom apartment. Therefore, when I need silence for a Smile Project call, I try to find an empty bedroom (did I mention that my roommates are saints?) and work from there.

This phone call took place at 7:30 on a Monday. I returned from my run at the park at approximately 7:24 which left me a sweaty mess on my roommate’s bedroom floor using an empty, turned over box as a desk for my computer.

I felt less than professional.

We began catching up and chatting about the work we do. I hadn’t mentioned any business insecurities yet. It was just a normal conversation.

Then he said something so profoundly world shaking that legitimately stopped me in my pacing.

He was talking about how his business was started and giving me the “behind the scenes” story. Then he said:

…if only they knew…

And I froze. My recent catchphrase.

I cut him off and burst through with my feelings. How I wasn’t sure if The Smile Project was enough. How I wasn’t sure if I had what it took. How if they only knew that I was sleeping on an air mattress behind a see through curtain made from an old sheet.

If they only knew…

He then went on to tell me about how he was talking with another entrepreneur last week who just made their first $10 million in sales last year.

And they said the same thing.

If they only knew…

And somewhere in the midst of this conversation, it finally clicked:

Nobody knows what they are doing.

It doesn’t matter what level or scale or industry you operate at. Nobody knows what they’re doing. And that’s okay. Because you learn by doing and the only way to stay ignorant is to not try.

This entire time I’ve been focusing on what they knew.

I think it’s time I flipped the script and started focusing on what I know.

And I know The Smile Project.

It’s starting to click.

Let’s do this.

Love always,


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