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Little Ways We Serve: Accepting that Things Don’t Always Go as Planned

One year for my local 24-hour Relay for Life event, I decided I would walk the entire time.

I bought a fanny pack for the occasion and was convinced I would go to bed at 8 pm the night before. I was ready to be relaxed and rested and mindful of my well-being.

Due to a power outage and last minute preparations, I ended up sitting in my friend’s driveway - she wasn't home - around 11 pm in tears. I was not rested. I was not relaxed. And it was not 8 pm.

Despite that, I woke up the next morning, and walked 50 straight miles. Despite that, things worked out and I had a hell of a time.

Tomorrow is a big day. Therefore I was determined to be mindful this weekend - to focus on rest and wellness and prepare myself for the week.

But life doesn't always look like that. You won't always have your outfits picked out and your checkbook balanced. You'll be behind on everything - including basic hygiene - and sometimes life looks more like a 9:30 pm run to the grocery store so you'll have milk for your morning cereal.

And that's okay.

I start a new job tomorrow. My first ever salaried / benefit / real-time job. I wanted to feel perfectly prepared.

But I'm starting to realize that perfectly prepared isn't prepacked lunches. Sometimes perfectly prepared is a calm disposition and a smile that refuses to take itself too seriously.

Want a little way to serve this week? Forgive yourself when things don’t go as planned.

Sometimes the biggest blunder is simply a road sign directing you to where you really should be.

Deep breath.

And go.

Love always,


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