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Work is What You Make It

I’ll own it.

For the first time since December 31st 2014, I missed a Wednesday Blog Day. Oops.

Normally, this would have thrown me into a frenzy of stress and anxiety, but this week, I just kind of accepted it. It was kind of my fault anyway.

I had spent two weekends prior traveling for a wedding and when I arrived back in New York City on Monday morning at 7:30 am, I had just enough time to return to my toasty apartment, shower, and head to work.

That was August 1st. Today is August 13. This blog should have been posted on August 10.

That’s okay though. Today was my first day off in August.

I mentioned my crazy schedule to a friend earlier this week. I was tired and feeling a bit overwhelmed by the nonstop schedule.

She replied something along the lines of: “You’re working so much. I hope you aren’t doing that to escape yourself.”

It was said from such a place of genuine concern that it stopped my hurried mind in its tracks.

“What do you mean?”

She went on to talk about how some people work so much as to escape whatever else is going on their life.

I listened.

Then I had to wonder – do I do that?

I’ve been notorious for operating at an unsustainable speed since high school. I was worried, for a second, until I thought about something else. I like work. And more than that, I feel incredibly blessed with the opportunity to work at the places I have worked and to do the things I have done.

Today was my first day off in August and I was in the library from essentially the time it opened until the time it closed working on The Smile Project and personal writing projects. And it’s been incredible.

Because when you like what you do and when you view every scheduled “work” shift as a chance to learn and grow and become better, you aren’t trying to escape yourself, you’re trying to better yourself.

Work is whatever you make it. Make it an opportunity to learn and grow.

Love always,


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