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The Little Ways We Serve: Cleaning Up

I’ve been thinking of the ways I want to present service based information on Sundays when I haven’t secured an interview with a world changing org or individual. My first thought jumped to the little guy in all of us – the person who wants to serve but feels as though they have a lack of time, talent, money, or resources.

I could write a blog negating all of the above “excuses” but instead, I’m going to start a short-series to be sprinkled throughout occasional #ServiceSundays about the way we view service and the ways we unknowingly provide service to those in need.

On Planet Earth

My friend was recently visiting New York and on one of our many strolls through Manhattan, we found ourselves along the Lower Hudson River, where I took the below picture.

It was beautiful. It was a lovely day and there were so many people out and about enjoying the weather and the scenery.

Then we looked closer into the water. It was filled with bottles and trash and lots of other things that simply didn’t belong. See below picture.

I looked around once more. Within a few feet of me in both directions were trash and recycling receptacles. You have no excuse.

And dear people of the world who litter, even if there were no trash cans for 30 blocks, what would possess you to throw your bottle into the water – where fish swim...where plants grow… where things live?! We have one planet.

So, how can you provide service to the world this week? Pick up some trash. Recycle your cans. And for the love of all that is beautiful about our home, do not under any circumstances litter.

This act of service is as easy as them come. Now go take care of the world.

Love always,


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