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Thought Clouds

My friend just sent me two pictures of Lake Erie along with a text outlining uncertainty. He and his family were spending a day on the water, paddle boarding, kayaking, and just having the perfect summer cookout. He told me that there was a potential for a storm and the family was split on how to proceed.

The first picture showed dark clouds over the lake.

Get home before it pours. My first thought.

The second picture was taken from the other direction, as rays of sunshine shot through a glowing sky.

They should stay. My next thought.

What a perfect illustration, my final takeaway, of there being two sides to every story.

I’ve been hosting an overnight guest for the past few days and therefore haven’t had as much time as I’d like to work on The Smile Project. I was trying to decide what to write about when my phone buzzed with the aforementioned photographs.

This isn’t a long or meaningful blog…maybe just something to make you think.

Everything can be seen from two sides – chose to see them from the side of light.

Love always,


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