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The Little Ways We Serve: Sharing Information

I’ve been thinking of the ways I want to present service based information on Sundays when I haven’t secured an interview with a world changing org or individual. My first thought jumped to the little guy in all of us – the person who wants to serve but feels as though they have a lack of time, talent, money, or resources.

I could write a blog negating all of the above “excuses” but instead, I’m going to start a short-series to be sprinkled throughout occasional #ServiceSundays about the way we view service and the ways we unknowingly provide service to those in need.

On Sharing Information

I was talking to two co-workers the other day about a project I was running and sharing how excited I was about the work I was doing and the fields I was beginning to pop my head into. They were listening and encouraging me and that would have been enough to keep my spirit in the clouds for a bit.

However, they went farther than that. Both co-workers suggested organizations, companies, and blogs that I should look into for more information or simple inspiration.

They gave me resources.

It doesn’t sound like much, but perhaps our own knowledge is the best thing we can share with one another. It doesn’t take much time, it costs no money, and it provides a service of sharing information – perhaps our most important currency.

They weren’t thinking much of the conversation – after all, we were just talking. But through their words, I was able to find new worlds to explore all within the realm of my passions and interests.

We have the ability to serve every day as a mentor to someone. Not even in an official sense but just in the way of how we communicate. Take interest in what the people around you are saying and provide them with feedback you would desire.

You’ll be amazed at how the world will open up to those who share a love for learning.

This is act of service is as easy as them come. Now, go share.

Love always,


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