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How to Have the Perfect Day

Step 1: Realize that your day isn’t dependent on what time you wake up, how much you accomplish, or what the weather forecast says.

Step 2: Running down the street at 9.30 at night with your best friend to get Greek food before the restaurant closes is a good way to end.

For the sake of running this organization, I try to keep personal issues and life details off the blog lest they be part of a larger story. However, today I am bounds beyond fatigued and was vaguely aware of the need to crank out a meaningful post. After work, as I snuggled into my blankets for an unheard of power nap (I don’t know who I am anymore) one spark hit me: “How to have the perfect day…”

And then I fell asleep.

Well now I’m awake and I have had a series of incredibly beautiful days and for that reason I will break some of my usual Smile Project rules and write this in a very Dear Diary format.


As you all know, I recently moved to New York City, about an 8-hour Megabus ride from where I grew up and from where a lot of my close friends still reside—including my boyfriend of almost a year. He is still a student at the college we met at and this week was on Spring Break. This weekend, he came to visit—his first trip to the big city since high school. This weekend was one of the most joy-filled things I’ve experienced.

I had previously switched my work schedule around in anticipation, taking a 12-hour day a few weeks back in order to have Monday off. As we fell asleep the night prior, we discussed getting an early breakfast at a local Crepe shop because I had a Skype interview planned for mid-morning that I had to do from home before we could take the town by storm. As we groggily hit the sunshine alarms Monday morning, the ensuing conversation insured that neither of us were particularly eager to get up and out the door for breakfast.

Enter Seamless. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Seamless is a free phone application that allows users to order food from local restaurants. Payment, even the tip, is handled through pre-entering your debit/credit card information on the app. The food is then delivered to your door. (Yes, some poor delivery man had to walk up five flights of stairs at 9 am on Monday morning to bring us our breakfast).

And so I sat there with a boy who has been my best friend since we were 18 and ate one of the tastiest breakfasts I’ve ever had. For $15 we got a spinach, mushroom, and peppers omelet, toast, potatoes, a peach muffin, a Belgian waffle, and a fruit salad. That’s a good price for anywhere. That’s an unheard of price for New York City. It was delicious. The kicker? I live approximately 200 meters from that restaurant. Noted.

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