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Service Sunday: Reboot

About a year ago, I began giving shout outs on The Smile Project social media accounts to various charities or organizations that were shaking the world with goodness and change. Appropriately titled #ServiceSunday, I typically posted a very generic summary (usually taken from their about page) and a link to their website or social media accounts.

This was a fun thing to add to the list of Smile Project routines, but one that I believe could have found more success with a little added TLC. Therefore, I have decided to bring back Service Sunday, only this time, make it stronger and more informative. I don’t just want to tell you what an organizations mission statement is, I want to tell you why it matters.

There are over a million and a half registered nonprofits in the United States. And that’s awesome. But that’s also a lot to sift through for those looking for more information on groups that back their causes. I’m not even going to scrape the surface of all the amazing companies that help lead our neighborhoods every day, but I do want to highlight the incredible people who are serving our communities.

On a personal note, since settling into my new apartment, work, and life in New York City, I’ve been eagerly working on little bits of self-improvement. Part of that deals with prioritizing and refocusing The Smile Project and truly working toward my personal and professional goals. Bringing back Service Sunday forces me to put out blog content every Sunday (don’t worry #WednesdayBlogDay will remain unscathed).

More importantly, Service Sunday is motivation. I’m going to be spending time researching and hopefully speaking to people from various organizations that I know I want to highlight. Not only does this gives me an opportunity to network, but it also fulfills the student inside me that constantly wants to be writing a research paper, studying something new, and learning about previously unknown causes.

This week’s #ServiceSunday is simply an introduction for things to come. If you know of any organizations that you would like to see highlighted, please contact me or reach out on any of The Smile Project social media accounts.

Looking forward to this new adventure and looking forward to drawing attention to fantastic people who are doing fantastic things.

Love always,


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