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Joy Week 2015: Challenge 1 - Share a Smile

It's been four full years since I posted my first Happiness is. To celebrate, The Smile Project is hosting its 2nd Annual Joy Week Celebration.

Follow the event page on Facebook here, follow the blog, or subscribe to receive newsletter updates throughout the week. As always, all forms of social media will be updated with appropriate challenges of kindness, all of which can be done from where ever you are located in the world!

Today's challenge:

Wear a Smile Project shirt. Don't have one? That's alright! Wear some other form of inspirational clothing. A company you really stand behind...a motivational quote...better yet something you simply feel beautiful in. Snap a picture of yourself or with your friends and caption it with what makes you happy. As always, make sure to use the hashtags! #‎JoyWeek2015‬ ‪



Thanks for the ongoing support and I'll see you tomorrow with Challenge 2!

Love always,


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