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Finding Love at a Flu Shot Clinic

I was in the student health center at my college yesterday, filling out paperwork for the free flu shot clinic when in walked my role models, a married couple consisting of a Professor of Education and the Director of the Learning Center. They too were requesting flu shots, a mundane task to cross of anyone’s to-do list.

But you would have never known that.

They walked through the doors, arm in arm, smiling and laughing and looking as in love as I imagine they had looked on their wedding day. It was impossible not to smile.

We chatted momentarily before I was called back for the vaccine and we spoke once more as I was preparing to leave for my next obligation. It’s been a day since this interaction, yet I’m still replaying the act of love I witnessed.

I remember when I started posting my daily “Happiness is” statuses, people would mentions other forms of “is” in conversation.

Someone would realize they forgot to pack their lunch: Sadness is..

Someone would take a terrible fall during gym class: Embarrassment is..

Someone would think they were oatmeal chocolate chip cookies when they were actually oatmeal raisin cookies: Hatred is..

But the one that was thrown around the most when this began was Love is..

I’ve written a few posts about love, the most notable being a Valentine’s Day rambling from 2014... but for the most part, love has been something I couldn’t comprehend.

I tried to approach it logically. I loved my family and my friends in the sense of “I care about you so much and would do anything for you” kind of love. As for love love? Well, I’m not sure I ever really understood that until recently.

I see a very real sense of “love love” around me every single day. And I’ve made some mental notes about what love means to me. I can’t go on posting 1,415 days of Love…after all, I’ve kind of made Happiness my thing. But I can give us a few to start with…a few little things to notice:

Love is making the most of every moment together—even if that moment is a date to the health center for a flu shot.

Love is driving two hours to see someone for less than twelve.

Love is supporting someone’s hopes and dreams and being there when things don’t go as planned.

Love is when a trip to the grocery store together turns into the grandest of adventures.

Love is taking the most sincere interest in the events of another’s life.

Love is listening.

Love is stepping out of your comfort zone.

Love is an all-encompassing hug at the end of a long day.

Love is someone who doesn’t mind that you pick all the raisins out of the granola cereal before you eat it.

Love is dancing to Motown music at 3 am just because.

Love is unconditional.

But most importantly, love is everywhere. I hope you see it today.

Love (ironic right?) always,


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