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What it Means to be Careful

Usually I have a topic in my head for Wednesday Blog Day. This week, I don’t. So, I referred to my stagnant array of colored sticky notes that constantly litter my desktop. If you remember from my other posts that allude to the sticky notes, they aren’t reminders or appointments or birthdays. They’re simply notable quotes…random thoughts…things to write about.

Today I’ve picked this line, taken from a conversation with one of my best friends:

“Just be safe :) Not careful. Carefulness is how people get hurt. But be safe.”

I don’t remember the context of the words. I don’t remember where I was going with that or why at probably a late hour of the night, I had chosen to become a mini philosopher. But, I suppose sometimes I’m just looking for a concept to explore. And that’s where I’ll begin today.


Safety is important. I always look both ways before I cross the road. I use my turn signal, even when I’m leaving my driveway. I panic, cry, and run when I hear a bee. Okay, so maybe I don’t have the best emergency response training. Regardless, I understand the value of necessary safety precautions.

However, sometimes, I think we take that too far. We’ve become too cautious with certain things to the point that we are paralyzing ourselves with indecision and inability to act on impulse.

There’s nothing wrong with being a little free sometimes.

Now, there are certain things we need to be careful with, above all, the emotions of the people we interact with. Under no circumstances is it okay to toy with someone’s emotions or to act in a way that would cause someone else suffering. That is careless which, once again, in my opinion, is even worse than being careful. Of course, my opinions on carelessness are another blog for another Wednesday.

So carelessness aside, let me explain how being too careful is harmful:

Think of the best day of your life. Think of your favorite experiences. Think of that night you wished would never end.

Those moments were outside your comfort zone. And those moments were some of the happiest you’ve had.

Because you weren’t being careless…or careful…or anything like that.

You were being carefree.

And being carefree is more than a decision to let loose. Carefree gives you the courage to slow down. To look at the color of the late summer leaves. To breathe. To realize that you can literally do whatever it is you want to do in this life.

We can’t add any more hours to the day. But we can approach the hours in a way that makes the day become something more than it is.

Too much carefulness leads to unsaid sentiments.

Too much carelessness leads to unheard pain.

Too much carefreeness, leads to a new life outlook, a little extra fun, and a whole new way to experience 24-hours.

It’s just your average Wednesday-Blog Day. But how will you make it extraordinary?

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