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Showing Appreciation

My mind is constantly thinking in stories and now that I’ve become accustomed to writing weekly blogs, my mind is rattling with ideas for that as well. At times, when I find myself too busy to commit to writing out the thought, I’ll leave a note for myself on the sticky note function of my laptop. I currently have two dozen sticky notes.

One of my summer goals was to “write all the sticky notes.” As I sat down this morning, I decided that that was where I would take my inspiration for this week’s blog.

I was reading through the notes when I found some words hidden under another larger writing. It read:

“Blog post for accounting/ happiness is.. ‘I appreciate your attention today…’”

Now if you regularly follow my blogs or my Happiness is.. you’ll know that, because of my marketing minor, it was required that I successfully complete two accounting courses (Principles I and II).

I was terrified and after my first accounting test (the day after homecoming weekend) I was staring back at my first ever “F” grade, a glaring 49/100, and wondering how I would ever complete my minor. That was a wakeup call and the next test I earned a 98/100. I ended Accounting I with a B+ and Accounting II with an A-.

I’ve written several blogs about accounting class, taking little notes from things I had heard and interpreted artistically.

But the purpose of this blog wasn’t to talk about grades or the journey of my time in accounting class. This blog isn’t going to be me overanalyzing something someone said in passing. The purpose of this blog is to continue to talk about the life lessons I’ve learned from my teacher.

My Accounting II professor taught three sections of the course every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning…in a row. He began at 8:10 with my sleepy eyed peers and ended at 11.30 with my rambunctious class.

I never imagined that accounting could be fun but he made it so. Accounting was my only class on those days and yet, as much as it’s hard to change out of pajamas for a one hour course, he made it worth it.

He did the impossible—engaging a bunch of millennials for a full hour of accounting knowledge. He told funny stories to help us remember what we were learning and did everything in his power to assure that we were living up to our potential. He talked about life and taught things that wouldn’t be found in a textbook.

But there was one more thing he did that will forever stick with me. At the end of every class, he would close his binder and say, “appreciate your attention today…” before going on to explain what we would do at the next class or tell one last joke.

After about two weeks, I realized that without fail, he had thanked us at the end of every class for doing what we should have been doing regardless. But that didn’t make it any less noteworthy in my eyes.

Here was a professor who had been standing for two and a half hours by the time my class sauntered in and he was telling us we were appreciated.

Perhaps this is still me reading into things, or perhaps not, but either way, that remains one of my most memorable classes at the collegiate level.

Everyone should do their best everyday no matter what. But to be appreciated and noted with a few simple words after is one of the simplest joys I can remember.

To my accounting II professor, I appreciate your dedication and commitment to my education.

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