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Happiness Just Is

It’s been a while since I posted a blog that was strictly about The Smile Project and I’ve been doing some reflection.

May 31st, 2015 marked my 1,300th day of Happiness. That is one thousand three hundred consecutive days of logging on to Facebook, and later the other social media accounts, with the simple goal of posting something positive and uplifting.

But it’s been more formulaic than that. You see, not only is each phrase of “Happiness is” followed by only two periods as opposed to the full ellipsis, but each follows with a definite statement.

It’s never been:

“Day 18: Happiness is.. like opening a brand new tub of Play Doh” or

“Day 390: Happiness is.. like the concept of trust” or

“Day 736: Happiness is.. like sitting by a fireplace on a blustery day.”

For the past thirteen hundred days, you wonderful supporters of The Smile Project have allowed me to speak in metaphors, not similes. Happiness is not like hugging your best friend. Happiness is hugging your best friend.

I was thinking about this concept the other day…and how wonderful it is to be able to take this crazy, difficult subject and simplify it into something that we can all relate to—into something we can feel.

Because after all, happiness isn’t really like anything. Happiness just is.

Love always,



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